Locally Grown

Our commitment to quality products begins and ends with the relationships we have built, and continue to build. We work with honest local vendors, growing and creating the best products, the right way. We believe it is important to know the person behind the product you are buying. We make it our priority to share the story of each product, from the grower and farm it came from, to when it was harvested, or where it was tested. 

Our Featured Farmers

We have carefully curated a diverse selection of flower from the following farmers. We believe in their philosophy and growing methodologies. Please feel free to read more below, or ask any of our Budtenders about them when you visit. You won’t find mass produced, warehouse marijuana here. Our featured farmers are proud of their product and committed to their craft. They honor the plant and love the land. We are confident you will taste the difference.  

  • Midori Farms

  • Luvli

  • Lucky Lion

  • Heroes of the Farm

  • Big Beard Farms

  • Laird Family Farms

  • Siren

  • Bravehearts Private Reserve


Our featured Vendors

We deeply believe in the product produced by our vendors. Their hallmarks are consistency, thorough quality assurance and testing, and commitment to their craft. The story matters. We shy away from mass produced, corporate products. 

  • Wyld Gummies

  • Apothecanna

  • Willamette Valley Alchemy

  • Periodic Edibles

  • Cascadia Herbals

  • Sisikiyou Sungrown

  • Winberry Farms

  • Evolvd

  • Select Strains Social

  • Mr. Moxey's

  • Happy Cabbage

  • Artifact Extracts

  • White Label Extracts

  • Edibology

  • Junk

  • BHOmb Chelly's

  • Mary's Medicinals

  • Synergy Skinworx

  • Empower

  • Sacred Herb

  • Dr. Jolly's

  • Beatnick's Finest.


Stock our Shelves

If you are a local vendor or grower committed to your craft and want to bring your product to our customers, please set up a time to meet with one of our managers to discuss, or contact us via the form on our contact page.