Our Story

It takes two things to create an incredible experience – great people, and great products. We at Parlour strive to find the best products for whatever your needs are. 

Our Team

Our team shares a common passion for identifying the customer’s need and striving to fulfill it. We know that every customer is different, with different needs. We take the time to know every customer, so that we may help them comfortably purchase the appropriate product to meet their needs. Our experienced people love to teach and get pleasure in their customer’s happiness. Please come and meet them. You be the judge! 


Our Commitment to you


We are dedicated to providing you with the necessary education to make an informed decision, even if you don’t buy a thing. Regardless of who the customer is, there is always something to discover and learn! Additionally, we always look forward to learning from our vendors, customers and farmers. Together we will demystify the industry and make the customer shopping experience stress-free. 



While not in the store, we work hard to build and maintain relationships with good people, providing the best products in the market. We only accept products from reliable laboratories, and will often have them tested for a second time prior to purchasing and putting on our shelves. Through our relationships, we are able to provide a selection of conscientiously grown and produced products that most retailers cannot compete with. 



We make a complicated process easy for everyone. Our expertly curated selection is stocked with the best of what is available, without overwhelming you with every option. Our team has researched all of our vendors and products to give you the best, so you can easily find what you need, with full satisfaction. 


Fair prices

We grew up here, and see ourselves as part of the neighborhood. Experienced customers, loyal to our brand, will be able to shop with very little wait at significant discounts, rewarding their loyalty.